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HINABN - Awkward
Conrad was having a really, really bad day.
He had spent the night before in a hotel, for one, which always left him feeling disgruntled. There were a number of things he was particular about, where he slept being one of them...trying to sleep in an unfamiliar bed always came across as more of a bother than it needed to be. It was made even worse by the fact that he knew the hotel was about five minutes from his home - that his own bed was so, so close, yet he couldn't just go there.
He couldn't go there because a vampire had decided to move in, and the damned bat had driven him out with verbal abuse. This was not only troublesome because he was SURE that vampires were only in trashy teen novels and old movies, but also because it meant that a BAT had TALKED him out of his house. He didn't know which bothered him more.
As if all of this wasn't stupid enough, he had to renew his car tabs. So there he sat, in one of those flimsy plastic-and-metal chairs, staring at the posters on the wal
:iconladyvincira:LadyVincira 15 34
HINABN Fic - Years Go By
He didn't really know why he bothered to keep coming here. It wasn't as if it really mattered, did it? It was reflex, force of habit. At least, that was what he told himself, lest it it all start to hurt again.
The clouds above blotted out the moon, only allowing the occasional chink of light to pierce the dark and illuminate the crumbling headstones. The air was still, silent - he was the only one here, of course. At this time of night, no one really wanted to be out here. Perhaps the occasional ghost hunter, but that was rare...and honestly, if he wanted to scare them away, it wasn't all that hard. It had happened, once or twice, in all these years...the first time he had hid. The second time, he had gotten angry enough to speak out, and the sight of his pale face and fanged snarl sent those kids running, screaming into the night. That had made him angry, too. Hanna wouldn't have run.
But then, that was why Hanna wasn't here anymore, wasn't it?
It was the only way things could have t
:iconladyvincira:LadyVincira 96 120
Mature content
HINABN Fic - The Usual Dance :iconladyvincira:LadyVincira 34 31
'Ashes to Ashes' - Part 2
Part 2 - Home
"She's a lover, baby, and a fighter,
Shoulda seen it coming when it got a little brighter -
With a name like Dani California,
The day was gonna come when I was gonna mourn ya...
A little loaded, she was stealing another breath...
I love my baby to death...." -- "Dani California," Red Hot Chili Peppers

Clara was a curious sort of woman - on first glance, anyone could see that. Even in her own home, here she stood, black dress sweeping the floor. She was slight, her frame slender and petite; she stood a head or so shorter than her husband, looking up at him with fondness in her big, bright green eyes. Presently, her dark brunette hair was wound back into a bun at the back of her head, the pin holding it in place adorned at the top with the skull of a small bird.
"You're a little bit late," she chided with a sarcastic sort of smile as he approached, reaching out to prod at his chest with a black-painted fingernail. "Was the corpse simply too pretty for you to r
:iconladyvincira:LadyVincira 3 5
DevID Grell by LadyVincira DevID Grell :iconladyvincira:LadyVincira 4 10
Colorless - Part 4, Late
Part 4 - Late
"As strong as you are, tender you go,
I'm watching you breathing for the last time....
A song for your heart, but when it is quiet,
I'll know what it means, and I'll carry you home....
I'll carry you home...." -- "Carry You Home," James Blunt

He had fallen asleep with his head on the desk...the room was dark, the candle burned out, and Grell had no idea how long he had been sitting there. The ghost of the kiss from his dream still lingered upon his lips, his cheeks still flushed - but still he tried to reclaim some sort of dignity, straightening his glasses with an apologetic smile.
"...Er...I...I must have fallen asleep after my last class," he started to explain, stumbling over his words. The custodian only laughed, his eyes sympathetic as he idly tugged at his mustache.
"I believe it. You've looked awful tired lately." A pause - his smile turned wry as he leaned forward, speaking in a good-natured, sly tone of voice. "You're quite red in the face...did I
:iconladyvincira:LadyVincira 1 10
Colorless - Part 3, Masquerade
Part 3 - Masquerade
"See the lights, see the party, the ballgowns,
See you make your way through the crowd,
And say 'Hello'...
Little did I know...." --"Love Story," Taylor Swift

It was a beautiful ballroom. Everyone was dressed in their finest gowns, turning and twirling in a shared, universal rhythm. The dance floor was a sea of fluttering velvet, satin, petticoats and feathered fans...and all had ornate, glittering masks fastened upon their faces.
Wading through the crowd, Grell felt remarkably at ease - his head held high, long brunette hair swept neatly into an elegant knot behind his head. Briefly, he passed by a looking glass, taking in his reflection - gazing at the figure in the elegant red gown that fell in skillfully-constructed tiers about his slender frame. Some faint part of his consciousness thought this was strange - was incredulous upon closer inspection of the delicate makeup that adorned his face behind the crimson mask - but that part of him seemed wor
:iconladyvincira:LadyVincira 1 3
Colorless - Part 2, Birdcage
Part 2 - Birdcage
"Green Finch and Linnet Bird, Nightingale, Blackbird,
How is it you sing?
How can you jubilate, sitting in cages, never taking wing?
Outside the skyway's beckoning, beckoning,
Just beyond the bars....
How can you remain, staring at the rain, burdened by the stars?" -- "Green Finch and Linnet Bird," Sweeney Todd

Emily Sutcliff was always an imposing woman. When Grell thought about his mother, he always pictured her the same way...tall, slender, and prim. She had a thin face and what many considered to be a severe look about her, dark hair always pinned neatly back in a bun. Never undone in any way, always cool and collected, always displaying the grace that so befit her abilities with the violin...strong.
Perhaps it was for that reason that it was so difficult for Grell to look at his mother this way...propped in a nest of pillows and white linen sheets, frail as she turned her icy blue gaze upon her son. He didn't have his mother's eyes - he had his fath
:iconladyvincira:LadyVincira 1 3
Songfic - 'Gravedigger'
Cyrus Jones, 1810 to 1913,
Made his great grandchildren believe you could live to a hundred and three...
A hundred and three is forever when you're just a little kid -
So, Cyrus Jones lived forever....
It wasn't a nice day. The clouds hung thick and foreboding overhead, doing nothing for the bleakness of the London mid-morning. Any sunlight that might have warmed the stones and the soil was held captive behind those looming masses, straining to no avail to reach the earth below.
Everything was very gray.
The dirt was gray; it was still damp with the rain of the previous night, glistening and alive with the worms and insects that thrived so on the moisture. The grave markers and statues were gray;  crosses and angelic features carved into what amounted into little more than additional stones adorning the landscape. The walkways were gray with their weatherworn stone - weatherworn, not worn out of use, for as old as they were, it was rare that anyone visited when
:iconladyvincira:LadyVincira 3 13
'Ashes to Ashes' - Part 1
"Ashes to Ashes"
Part 1 - Business as Usual
When you dig my grave,
Could you make it shallow,
So that I can feel the rain...?
Gravedigger...." --"Gravedigger," Dave Matthews Band

The water in the basin was ice-cold by now - it sent a little thrill through his fingertips as he swished his hands through it, watching the grime from his latest project float away from his pale skin. It was a cold autumn day outside, chilling the air that crept in around the edges of the drafty shop door. The building had stood for so long now that it was little surprise that it didn't keep out the weather as well as it once had...but he didn't mind. Things kept better in cold than they did in warm, and it only served to aid him in his work.
Dabbing his fingers dry on an old towel he kept handy, he turned back around, long, dark robes rippling about his knees. Smiling broadly, he surveyed his work where it lay on the slab...a woman of middle-age who had taken a fall. Her
:iconladyvincira:LadyVincira 1 17
'Colorless' - Part 1, Coda
Part 1 - Coda
"Went to school and I was very nervous....
No one knew me, no one knew me,
Hello, Teacher, tell me - what's my lesson?
Look right through me....
Look right through me....
And I think it's kinda funny, I think it's kinda sad,
The dreams where I am dying are the best I've ever had...." -- "Mad World," Gary Jules

"Okay, once more. Try to keep your voice steady on the high notes."
The shrill quavering of the boy's voice rang out, white gloved hand delicately weaving through the air in direction. Hazel eyes were fixed with a sort of lazy attention upon the child, partly unfocused with the same worry that had the man biting at his lower lip. No one had asked what was wrong - but then, he always looked as if something was bothering him.
In what could have been a moment or an eternity, the song was over, and the child looked over towards his teacher with a bright smile lighting his blue eyes.
"How was that, Mister Sutcliff?"
Shaking himself, the w
:iconladyvincira:LadyVincira 6 11
Gift - Psychic Luv by LadyVincira Gift - Psychic Luv :iconladyvincira:LadyVincira 5 4 Cosplay - No Going Back.... by LadyVincira Cosplay - No Going Back.... :iconladyvincira:LadyVincira 9 6 Cosplay - VANDALISM OF LOVE by LadyVincira Cosplay - VANDALISM OF LOVE :iconladyvincira:LadyVincira 9 9 Cosplay - Lonely by LadyVincira Cosplay - Lonely :iconladyvincira:LadyVincira 12 17 Cosplay - The Old Line.... by LadyVincira Cosplay - The Old Line.... :iconladyvincira:LadyVincira 3 0

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seeks an Evolutionary Imperative
United States
Why yes - I am a nutcase. <3

Current Residence: Arkham Asylum, in...whatever cell Jonathan Crane is in. ^^
Favourite genre of music: A cornucopia of types. From Russian disco to hard rock.
Operating System: Um...Trauma Center for DS? Maybe for Wii?
MP3 player of choice: iPod, dude. It's my baby.
Shell of choice: ...Um...the pasta kind with cheese?
Wallpaper of choice: It depends on when you talk to me. XD' I cycle.
Skin of choice: Mine?
Favourite cartoon character: Jonathan Crane, aka Scarecrow from BATMAN!
Personal Quote: "When I buy a stuffed animal, I buy the most sad looking one. They need it most."
  • Listening to: ...Pretty much the soundtrack for Kuromyu on loop.
  • Reading: My own writing!
  • Watching: ...Kuromyu... XD'
  • Playing: BAYONETTA &lt;3333333
  • Eating: ...Hey, I should do that.
  • Drinking: See above. XD'
:iconnerd-tastic: - Check out our jewelry account for some awesome stuffs!

And thank you, as always, to all who watch and fav my work! Special thanks to :iconladythesta: for the subby! <3

...I needed to update this. XD' My latest journal was from my birthday in AUGUST. I mean, jeeze. XD'''''

Anyway. Things have been pretty good since then. I don't feel like writing out everything...because, seriously.... @_______@''''' Oy. SO instead I'm going to post some cosplay status for this oncoming year. There shall be a lot of nerdery, there shall.

For now, I'll just post my costumes for Sakura Con. XD

Thursday: Secret twin cosplay with :iconladythesta: - 95% done. Easy details left. XD <3
Friday: Grell Sutcliff v2, Red Reaper version (Kuroshitsuji) - 80% done or thereabouts. Got better teeth, making new chainsaw, got accurate shoes. Need to fix my beads. XD' Dying my real hair bright red for this one.
Saturday: TOP SECRET FOR CONTEST - 10%. Looooong way to go, but hope to make a lot of headway this week.
Sunday/Friday Night: Undertaker (Kuroshitsuji) - 30% or so. Need to cut out and sew the coat, have the wig enroute. Finishing up his ring, which I went a bit crazy with.
Saturday Night: Bubble-Head Nurse (Silent Hill) - 95%. I...need a new pipe.... XD' Oops.

Er...that's about it for now. XD'


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